20 Swedish Posters for 1930s Hollywood

Sky Hawk, 1929 (artist: Eric Rohman)

I found these posters as expired auction listings (this time at mighty timesink Heritage). I'm also working on a fourth post of work by Einar Nerman, so perhaps another all-Sweden week...

Many Swedish movie posters from this era must have played off of the original American ones, though I have the sense that the works featured here are original deco confections.

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Death Takes a Holiday, 1934 (artist: Moje Aslund)

The Walking Dead, 1936 (artist: Castegren)

Things to Come, 1936 (artist: Moje Aslund)

Champes of the Champs-Elysses (artist: Eric Rohman)


Sweet Surrender, 1935

Hit the Deck, 1930
update: Brian Moore tells me this art is by Russell Patterson

One Night of Love, 1934

Invisible Stripes, 1939

Angels with Dirty Faces, 1938 (artist: Eric Rohman)

The Passionate Plumber, 1932 (artist: Carl Gustav Berglow)

Shanghaied, 1920s (artist: Eric Rohman)

Dance Fools Dance, 1931 (artist: Eric Rohman)

Greed, 1924 (artist: Eric Rohman)

The Easiest Way, 1931 (artist: Eric Rohman)

Woman in the Moon, 1929

The Black Cat, 1934

Whoopee!, 1930 (artist: Eric Rohman)

Frankenstein, 1931