A Cockerel Device

These wood engravings all come from books published by The Golden Cockerel Press, a private press operating in England between 1920 and 1961.

I was scanning from a 1975 American book, Bibliography of The Golden Cockerel Press, 1921–1949, which combines the three illustrated bibliographies Chanticleer, Pertelote, and Cockalorum.

John O'Connor, wood-engraving for Here's Flowers anthology, 1937

Clifford Webb, wood-engraving for Ana the Runner by Patrick Miller, 1937

Dorothea Braby, wood-engraving for The Ninety-First Psalm, 1944

Eric Ravilious, wood-engraving for The Hansom Cab and the Pigeons by L.A.G. Strong, 1935

John O'Connor, wood-engraving for Together and Alone by C. Whitfield, 1945

John Buckland-Wright, wood-engraving for Endymion by Keats, 1947

John Buckland-Wright, wood-engraving for Endymion by Keats, 1947

Gwenda Morgan, wood-engraving for Tapster's Tapestry by A.E. Coppard, 1938

Eric Ravilious, A Cockerel Device

Robert Gibbings, wood engraving for Samson and Delilah, 1925

David Jones, engraving on wood for The Book of Jonah, 1926

Gertrude Hermes, wood-engraving for Strawberry Time by R.H. Mottram, 1934

Peter Barker-Mill, wood-engraving for A Voyage round the World by Sparrman, 1944

John Buckland-Wright, dedication engraving for Pertelote (a bibliography of the press)