A Paper Zoo

A Paper Zoo: A Collection of Animal Poems by Modern American Poets, sel. by Renee Karol Weiss,
illustrations by Ellen Raskin, 1968, The Sloth

A Paper Zoo, illustration by Ellen Raskin, 1968, back cover

Enchanted Savannah, illustrations by Béatrice Tanaka, 1974

Illustrator L’uba Konceková-Veselá, 1973, Czech

Das Blauvoglein, Josef Hlavác, 1974 (printed in prague)

Frog Queen, illustrations by Algirdas Steponavicius, 1974, Lithuania

A Book of Myths, selected and retold by Roger Lancelyn Green, illustrations by Joan Kiddell-Monroe, 1968

French Tales, retold by Barbara Leonie Picard, illustrations by Joan Kiddell-Monroe, 1966

English Fables and Fairy Stories, illustrations by Joan Kiddell-Monroe, 1972

Mora by Mulk Raj Anand, illustrations by Dagmar Heller, 1960 (a version of Mora with a different illustrator is easier to find than this rarity)

Das Bastel, Gertrud Neumann-Hechler, 1963

Die Abenteuer des Kleinen Barenbuben Honigsuss, 1965, illustrations by Stojan Anastassov

Woozies on Television by Margaret Stuary Barry, illustrations by John Castle, 1973 UK

Illustrator Egor Narbut, 1908 Russia
(big thanks to _palka for correcting my woefully wrong information)

Prince and the Impossible Quest, illustrations by Done Stan, 1974, Romania

Kieselchen, illustrator Klaus Ensikat, 1976 (I also featured Ensikat's Brecht cover recently)

Wooly Rhino Finds a New Home by Annabel Ogilvie, illustrations by T. A. B. Renton, 1976

Wenn ich mein rotes Mützchen hab by Rainer Kirsch, illustrations by Wolfgang Würfel, 1970s

Russian Fairy Tales, illustrations by A. Alexeieff, 1960

The Little Dog of Fo by Rosemary Harris, illustrations by Errol Le Cain, 1976

How the Mouse Was Hit on the Head by a Stone and so Discovered the World, Etienne Delessert, 1971

Illustration by Anne Rockwell, 1967 (book by Jane Yolen)

Etienne Delessert, book of Kipling stories, 1972

The Seed that Peacock Planted, Juliet Kepes, 1967 (some more Kepes coming soon)

Smarty the Young Rat, illustrations by Aloke Dhar, 1973

Vinni Pukh i vse-vse-vse, illustrators B Diodorov and G. Kalinovskiy, 1967 (Russian Winnie the Pooh)

Fabeln, illustrations by Klaus Gotze (composite of 3 illustrations), 1970s

Tupfel im Brunnen by Rudo Moric, illustrator Jozef Baláž

December's Travel by Mischa Damjan, illustrations by Dusan Kallay, 1986 ("North wind knocks at December's door")

A Wart Snake in a Fig Tree, Etienne Delessert, 1968

The Poppy and the Pomegranate, illustration by Rigby Graham, 1962, "Pluto" (this can't be for kids)

ABC of Ecology, 1972, milgrom-crews (unintentionally or intentionally terrifying)

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