BLICKFANG: The Eye-Catching Covers of Weimar Berlin

I feature here twenty-five book covers and posters from the out-of-print book Blickfang: Bucheinbände und Schutzumschläge Berliner Verlage 1919–1933 by Jürgen Holstein. UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2015: This amazing book has now been reprinted in English by Taschen: The Book Cover in the Weimar Republic (Amaz link).

This massive book features a thousand images, and it was not easy to select only twenty-five. Graphic design titans like Jan Tschichold, George Salter, Herbert Bayer, and Herbert Matter rub shoulders with Hans Bellmer, John Heartfield, Hanna Hoch, and a gaggle of Expressionists and Dadaists. It's an overwhelming visual feast summed up by new favorite German word "Blickfang": "eye catcher."

Illus. and design by Oskar Garvens, book cover, Germany, 1925

Photomontage by John Heartfield, book cover, Germany, 1927

Illus. and design by Frans Masreel, book cover, Germany, 1925

Illus. by "NB," book cover, Germany, 1932

Poster design by Alex Keil, featuring book cover, Germany, 1930

Book cover by Franz Peffer, using publisher logo of Karl Schulpig, Germany, 1929

Design by A. K. Hemberger, book cover, Germany, 1930

Design by Lucian Bernhard and Fritz Rosen, book cover, Germany, 1929

Illus. and design by Hans Bellmer, book cover, Germany, 1925

Illus. and design by "N," book cover, Germany, 1928

Illus. and cover design by George Grosz, for his own book, Germany, 1923

Dec. 2011 update: see my later post of covers by Grosz

Illus. and design by Anna Lesznai, book cover, Germany, 1925

Design by Hans Th. Hoyer ("HH"), book cover, Germany, 1926

Raoul Hausmann, book cover (by Hausmann), Germany, 1921

Graphic and design by Adrien Turel, book cover, Germany, 1931

Joachim Karsch, book cover, Germany, 1933

Illus. by "R.C.R.," book cover by George Salter, German edition of Difficult Death, 1930
One of my favorite books

Hannah Hoch, book cover, Germany, 1920

collage by a five-year-old, book cover, Germany, 1933

Tom (Martha G.) Seidmann-Freud, book cover, Germany, 1923

Dec. 2011 update: See my post on this illustrator

Tom (Martha G.) Seidmann-Freud, book cover, Germany, 1924

Russian-language Tolstoy book published in Germany, 1923, cover by Wassilij N. Masjutin

Max Graeser, book cover, Germany, 1925

Ringelnatz, book cover, Germany, 1924

Heinz Fuchs, poster, Germany, 1919

This post first appeared in October 2009. Updated September 2015.

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