Breast-to-breast with the ticks
In response to Barnes's youthful questions, Mother Jones replies, in the accompanying interview, "' are a young woman, you have never seen the beginning or the ending of creation. I've borne sons; I've seen death. I've just come from the inside of the world. I've been on the under side of the watch. I've been breast-to-breast with the ticks, and I know.... No tragedy was ever comprehended from the mouth to the ear. It has to pass from the eye to the soul.'"

"'A Skirt About So Wide,'" New York Press Magazine, February 7, 1915. In Poe's Mother: Selected Drawings of Djuna Barnes, edited and with an introduction by Douglas Messerli (Sun & Moon, 1995).

I'm trying to pack my books because I'm moving back to Philly, my hometown (and much closer to my first love, Penn's Van Pelt library). Not many books are making it into boxes however, because the words keep distracting me.

And I sure didn't expect Mother Jones to kick my ass today.