Cover Your Plexus

John Coulthart at feuilleton turned me on to the late 60s–early 70s French magazine Plexus, a sexy offshoot of Planète. (John found it through DRTENGE.) It's an intriguing mix of surreal-fantastic-psychedelic art, interviews with writers (Jacques Sternberg was the literary editor), Playboy-style comics and the occasional Popeye comic, science fiction stories, Gilles de Rais profiles, philosophy, and—though there are few traditional photo spreads—lots and lots of boobs. Each early issue features a full-color "pin up": an erotic work by an artist like Leonor Fini.

I recently scored 25 cigarette-flavored issues and plan to share some scans in the coming months. Alex Grall was "Directeur" of the earliest issues in my collection, numbers 6 and 8. Planete co-founder Louis Pauwels oversaw most issues from 10 to 16. After that editor-in-chief Jacques Mousseau took over completely for a while. Pierre Chapelot was the art director for the entire run.

Before I start making stuff up (there isn't much info in English on the web), I'll shut up and let you enjoy the covers.

Plexus, issue 16, September 1968
Cover: Wolfgang Hutter

I recently featured Hutter's Magic Flute

Plexus, issue 10, 1967
Cover: painting by Jane Graverol

Plexus, issue 28, October 1969
Cover: Gilles Rimbault

Plexus, issue 17, October 1968
Cover: Gilles Rimbault

Much more Rimbault on drtenge

Plexus, issue 31, January 1970
Cover: Le Bain turquoise, Felix Labisse (detail)

Plexus, issue 26, July 1969
Cover: Roman Cieslewicz

(Polish designer alert)

Plexus, issue 14, May 1968
Cover: Christian Broutin

Plexus, issue 18, November 1968
Cover: Claude Joubert

Plexus, issue 23, April 1969
Cover: "My best Friends," poster by Robert Lewis

Plexus, issue 27, September 1969
Cover: Julie Leblanc

Plexus, issue 28, November 1969
Cover: montage of two pieces by Jean Coulot (the only cover I really scrubbed digitally)

Plexus, issue 30, December 1969
Cover: a composition by Bonneville

Plexus, issue 21, March 1969
Cover: painting by Brandani

Plexus, issue 24, May 1969
Cover: Pierre Le Colas

Plexus, issue 11, 1967
Cover: La gardienne des sources, Leonor Fini

Plexus, issue 9, 1967
Cover: "Christalyde," painting by Marsi

Plexus, issue 25, June 1969
Cover: painting by Michel Plaisir

Plexus, issue 34, April 1970
Cover: Graham Rogers

Plexus, issue 8, 1967
Cover: "La lessive du raton-laveur," painting by Albert Reis