Fula Fiskar

Swedish posters for 30 international films, c. 1921–1939

Hans Engelska-Fru, 1927 Sweden
This looks like the work of Einar Nerman

I've done two posts on Swedish movie posters for Hollywood films (Oct. 2012 and Jan. 2013). This one features a mix of European and American films. The designer/illustrator isn't always printed on the poster, but some were signed by Eric Rohman and Gösta Åberg. As I mentioned in an earlier post, many Swedish movie posters from this era seem to play off of the original posters, though designers like Rohman and Åberg have strong styles of their own.

The reproductions are from expired auction listings at ha.com.

Die Tochter des Wucherers, 1922 Germany

Ecstasy, 1933 Czech (wikipedia)

"Ecstasy was highly controversial in its time because of scenes in which [Hedy] Lamarr swims in the nude and runs through the countryside naked. It is also perhaps the first non-pornographic movie to portray sexual intercourse and female orgasm, although never showing more than the actors' faces."

Trollbruden (The Troll Bride), 1930 Sweden

Duck Soup, 1933

Berlin Alexanderplatz, Germany 1931 (wikipedia)
artist: Adolf Hallman

Sommarsol, c. 1930 Sweden (Unknown)
signed Lindstrom (?)
Heritage says it "appears to be an early 1930s documentary about Swedish farming"

The Last Journey, 1936 Great Britain (imdb)

The Last Command, 1928 (wikipedia)

Love Before Breakfast, 1936

I love Carole Lombard so much. The above one is based off the original poster.

Twentieth Century, 1934

Orchids and Ermine 1927 (wikipedia)

Mickey Rooney's first film.

Blonde Venus, 1932
artist: Aberg

Dante's Inferno, 1935
artist: Rohman

Das Gestohlene Gesicht (The Stolen Face), 1930 Germany (imdb)

Erotikon (Seduction), 1929 Czech (imdb)

Amor am Steuer, 1921 Germany (imdb)

Salto Mortale (Trapeze), 1931 Germany (imdb)
signed Lindstrom

Topper Takes a Trip, 1938

Hell's Angels, 1930

Befriad Fran Vita Slavhandlare, 1928 Sweden

From wikipedia: "Soon [Harry] Piel received the nickname 'the dynamite director' because of his penchant for including explosion sequences in his films. These were authentic: Piel had befriended a demolition engineer who was often commissioned to dynamite bridges and other condemned structures slated for demolition. The engineer notified Piel of these assignments in advance: Piel filmed the explosions, then inserted the footage into his films."

Whirlpool of Desire, 1939 (movie is 1935, France)

The Cat Creeps, 1930

The Clairvoyant, 1935 Great Britain (imdb)

The Lone Wolf Returns, 1935)
artist: Castegren

The Man Who Reclaimed His Head, 1934
artist: Fuchs

Broken Lullaby, 1932

Gubben Kommer, 1939 Sweden (imdb)

Hemliga Svensson, 1933 Sweden (imdb)

Curly Top, 1935
artist: Rohman

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