Hallå!: 25 Vintage Posters from Sweden

I found these posters as expired auction listings and I hope you enjoy this rather lazy image dump. Another installment of Swedish book cover design is coming soon.

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"Sapho," 1918 (signed Rohman)

Einar Nerman, illustrator

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Wilhelm Kåge. 1920s

Wilhelm Kåge. 1920s

Wilhelm Kåge. 1920s

Air Defense day, 1933


Paul Myrén

1912 Olympics poster by Olle Hjortzberg (a quite entertaining way to hide nudity)




"Intermezzo," Anders Beckman, 1936

Also see El Tren Expreso


Hans Esselius, 1970

Lars Hillersberg, "The war between people and cars", 1971

Ulf Rahmberg, 1969

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And for some background on the confrontational political imagery of 1960s Sweden, see this post on Puss Magazine

Jacques Zadig exhibition poster

Berndt Pettersson, 1969

Bernt Carlsson, 1968

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