Hoffmann in Bulgaria

Illustrations for Hoffmann's tales by the Bulgarian artist Lyuben Zidarov (circa 1970s)

These scans were kindly contributed by Adam. From what I can gather, the illustrations are for E. T. A. Hoffmann's "Nutcracker," "Little Zaches," "The Golden Pot," and "The King's Bride."

Links for Lyuben Zidarov (Любен Зидаров) in Bulgarian: wikipedia / prograficamagazine and a list in English of his many exhibitions.

Zidarov is well-known in Bulgaria for his illustrations of countless children's books as well as his paintings. He recently celebrated his 90th birthday. I hope to (somehow) feature more of his work.

the first hallucinatory idyll from "The Golden Pot"

back cover

More posts of Bulgarian illustration in the works.

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