Lux-Lesebogen was a miniature bi-weekly magazine for young people published in Germany between 1946 and 1964. The forgotten illustrator and graphic designer Karlheinz Dobsky designed the covers for almost all 410 issues. He also contributed texts and illustrations for the encyclopedic series.

Each 32-page booklet covered a scientific or historical topic in a popular science style. Print-runs of thirty to sixty thousand and affordable prices ensured that the magazine had a large impact in post-war Germany.

Michael Schekalla recently organized an exhibit and plans to publish a book (see the gorgeous mock-up) about Lux-Lesebogen and Karlheinz Dobsky. I feature here some of my favorite covers, and thank Michael for sharing them and the information above.

Much thanks to John Coulthart for turning me on to these.

Two blown-up images: