Night Hallucinations

Illustrations by Jaroslav Šerých for Tales of the Uncanny (Prague, 1976)

Night Hallucinations (A Persian Tale)

binding illustration

The Snow Woman (A Japanese Tale)

The Horse from the Sea (A Celtic Tale)
somehow it took me awhile to see the horse in this image

The Postponed Career (A Chinese Tale)

The Silver Forest (A Serbian Tale)

The Unexpected Visitor (A Japanese Tale)

The Son of Old Wolf (A Caucasian Tale)

The House in the Swamp (A Japanese Tale)

Seketoa (A Polynesian Tale)

The Pagoda of Thunder Peak (A Chinese Tale)

(half of a spread; doesn't seem to correspond to a story)

The Orphan (An Indian Tale)

A Conversation by the Charcoal Heaps (A Japanese Tale)


illustrated endpaper

illustration from the cover

Jaroslav Šerých (b. 1928) is a Czech illustrator, graphic artist, and painter. You can read more about him here. For more of his work see my posts Indoslovakia and Forgotten Illustrator: Jaroslav Šerých.

Thanks go to my friend bookvart for many of the scans here (visit his livejournal to see a few more). Some were made from my copy, which is a 1982 English-language edition.

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