Oh my visage

In March 2008, BibliOdyssey unearthed and did thee definitive overview of the Ningyo-Do Bunko database, which features thousands of "late 19th/early 20th century watercolor sketches of toy designs."

Very much a Johnny-come-lately to this material and in an insomniac delirium, I dug through the database and found so many faces staring back at me. Here are eleven of them.

Also see BibliOdyssey's 2007 post of Japanese toy designs from another database.

These two appear to show masks from China. See my post Taking Tiger Mountain.

The proper way to pronounce "visage" in the post title: "vee-sahhh-juhhh" (like the synthpop song)

Again, don't miss BibliOdyssey's definitive overview of these toy designs