Stacks of Books Crushing Me

Glomp 8: Watering Mandelbrot

Leonora Carrington, The Hearing Trumpet (Exact Change, 1996, in print)

cover design by Naomi Yang using detail from Carrington's "The Giantess"

Leonora Carrington, The Hearing Trumpet (Routledge and Kegan, 1977)

illus. by Pablo-Weisz Carrington [my friend Vick's copy]

John Ashbery, Three Poems (Ecco Press edition, 1989)

cover design and illustration by Trevor Winkfield

Vintage Indian Pulp novel

Roland Topor, Stories and Drawings (Peter Owen, 1968)

Jacket design by Keith Cunningham using Topor's illustration

Roland Topor, Stories and Drawings (Peter Owen, 1968), back cover

Raymond Queneau, The Blue Flowers (Atheneum, 1967)

Jacket design by Alfred Zalon [Rest in peace Barbara Wright]

H. C. Artmann, Under the Cover of a Hat (montage and sequences) and Green-sealed Message (90 Dreams) (Quartet, 1985)

illustration by Chris Long

back cover

"Having thirteen legs at the same time is a simple dream. Arise, take your umbrella, open it thirteen times."

David Farris, cover for My Fantoms by Theophile Gautier (Quartet, 1976)

(in print from NYRB)

back cover


Robert Desnos, Calixto (Air and Nothingness Press, 2004)

detail from Johann Bayer's Uranometria Star Atlas [1603]

Rene Daumal, A Fundamental Experiment (Hanuman, 1987)

Gourmelin for Vivre En Survivant by Jacques Sternberg (Tchou, 1977)

(I've been planning a post on Gourmelin for almost a year) (May 2011 update: make that 3 years)

Edouard Roditi, Emperor of Midnight (Black Sparrow, 1974)

cover etching by Jose Hernandez

Konrad Bayer, The Sixth Sense (Atlas Press, 2007)

Marcel Marien, Crystal Blinkers (Transformaction, UK, early 70s)

Marien's illustration is titled "Perfection"

Marcel Marien, Crystal Blinkers, back cover

Marien's illustration is titled "The Hardened Angler" (!)

Halana v.1 n.2 (Winter 96/97), design by Chris Rice

Halana v.1 n.3 (Winter 97), design by Chris Rice

The Sienese Shredder, v.1, cover collage Don Joint

(You will kick yourself in ten years if you don't buy every issue.)

Omnivore, 2003 prototype issue, cover photo by Victor Schrager, "Magnolia Warbler"

collector alert: Lawrence Weschler's journal never got off the ground

Philippe Sollers, A Strange Solitude (Evergreen, 1961)

cover design Roy Kuhlman
"When a book like A Strange Solitude appears, it is a blessing, like the coming of Spring."—Louis Aragon

Baudelaire, Poem of Hashish (Perrenial, 1971), cover design by Margo Herr

The cover of this mass market paperback always cracks me up.

A random selection of book covers from my personal collection.

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