Take a Look at Me Now (1)

Part 1 of an overview of the new book Against All Odds: Polish Graphic Design 1919-1949 by Piotr Rypson.

Design junkies need to buy this sucker immediately: 408 pages, full color, nice paper, hundreds of images unseen for decades, in an English-language edition which probably won't be around forever. With postage to the US it costs about $50 and the Blickfang-level monumentality makes it more than worth it. From the publisher's description:

Against All Odds is a painstakingly reconstructed universe of graphic design—for everything from book covers, posters, flyers, packaging and periodicals to postage stamps; it reviews all aspects of that bygone world's social, economic and cultural life: from the works of the leftist propagandists to the advertising used by various trades and industries ("Sugar fortifies"!) and on to such amazing curiosities as the photomontage book cover for poems by Polish fascists. Against All Odds also provides an articulate guide to the main currents running through artistic design and documents the creation of the modern age: the experiments of the futurists and the achievements of functionalism and constructivism.

See part 2, focusing on ephemera (posters, ads, etc.)

Thank you Daniel Mizieliński (hipopotam / blog) for turning me on to the book

Wojciech Jastrzembowski, cover for Roman Dmowski the Satan Worshipper, 1932

Stanisław Raczyński, Na Szerokim Świecie magazine cover, 1931

Tadeusz Gronowski, Street Kills, Learn How to Cross It, cover, 1935

Edward Stefański, Criminals of Humankind, cover, 1940

Atelier Levitt-Him, Skamander Magazine cover, 1937

Atelier Levitt-Him, cover for Karel Capek's Hordubal, 1935

Jan Mucharski, How Do You Like This Gentleman, Milady - cover, 1928

Jan Mucharski, Nathan Asch, Payday, cover, 1931

Mieczysław Szczuka, Teresa Żarnowerówna, Europe, layout

Mieczysław Szczuka, Teresa Żarnowerówna, Europe, layout

Stefan Norblin, Adolf Dygasiński, The Hare, cover, 1929

Stefan Norblin, nHP magazine cover, 1926

Władysław Strzemiński, Julian Przyboś, Screws, cover, 1925

Edmund Bartłomiejczyk, Bluszcz (Ivy) magazine covers

Artur Horowicz, Dreiser, An American Tragedy, cover, 1929

Henryk Nowina-Czerny, Inventor, cover, 1929

Józef Horyd, Kukułka Wileńska magazine cover, 1930

Gustaw Achrem-Achremowicz, Zwierciadło Kukułki Wileńskiej magazine cover, 1930

Janusz Maria Brzeski, Tajny Detektyw (Private Investigator) magazine cover, 1933

Zygmunt Strychalski, Przekrój magazine cover, 1945

See part 2, focusing on ephemera (posters, ads, etc.)

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