Tetrahedra of Space

22 pulp illustrations by Frank R. Paul (1884–1963)

"Tetrahedra of Space," Wonder Stories cover, November 1931

I present here scans from expired Heritage Auction listings, following up on a October 2011 post of mid-20th-century science fiction and fantasy illustrations (Fantastic Plangent). I'll let two guys slightly more experienced in the field do the talking:

"Paul remains the undisputed king of the pulp artists"—Arthur C. Clarke

"Paul's fantastic covers for Amazing Stories changed my life forever."—Ray Bradbury

From Wikipedia:

Frank Rudolph Paul (April 18, 1884 - June 29, 1963) was an illustrator of US pulp magazines in the science fiction field. He was born in Vienna, Austria and died at his home in Teaneck, New Jersey.

A discovery of Hugo Gernsback (himself an immigrant from Luxembourg), Frank R. Paul was influential in defining what both cover art and interior illustrations in the nascent science fiction pulps of the 1920s looked like.

Two books of Paul's work (with the same material?): From the Pen of Paul: The Fantastic Images of Frank R. Paul and Frank R. Paul: Father of Science Fiction Art.

All artwork (c) Frank R. Paul estate ("If you are interested in obtaining rights to reprint Frank R. Paul's for commercial purposes, please contact Bill Engle, FRP's grandson at billengle@newmex.com")

original art for illustration, not dated

Science Fiction illustration, not dated

Wonder Stories cover, August 1930

"Apocalyptic New York," Wonder Stories cover

Double-page Science Fiction story illustration

"Lord of Tranerica," Dynamic Science Stories cover, February 1939

"The Robot Aliens," Wonder Stories illustration, February 1935 cover

"The Robot Aliens," Wonder Stories illustration, February 1935

Science fiction illustration

Amazing Stories, back cover, October 1945

"The 35th Millennium," Wonder Stories cover, August 1931

Science Fiction cover, June 1939

"Off to Space," Science Fiction Plus interior illustration, March 1953

"The Biological Revolt," Science Fiction Plus illustration, March 1953

"Stories of the Stars - Aldebaran," Fantastic Adventures back cover, December 1945

"West Point of Tomorrow," Thrilling Wonder Stories, September 1940
(I hope there's a contrarian out there still using the term "Scientifiction.")

"The Planet Juggler," story illustration

"As Mars Sees Us," 1940

Science Fiction Plus digest cover, December 1953

"Rockets and Men," interior story illustration

"The End of the Moon," Science Fiction Plus back-cover, August 1953

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